what are you full of ?

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-Senior gave meย chocolate!


Next week is midterm week, so everyday I’m busy studying.

This is my first midterm!

A bit nervous and worried, but I will make it!

After midterm ends, I will continue uploading more posts.

Until then, wait for me xD

– fruits(really sweet!)ย 

– french fries(i’m lovin’ it)

– spaghetti(compare to other countries, it has its own unique taste)

p.s. ย As always, thank you for visiting & subscribing ๐Ÿ™‚

Really!! xD


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Today’s lunch –ย ้›ž่‚‰่ฑ†่…้‹(jiroudoufuguo)

In this soup, there are chicken, tofu andย various kinds of vegetables

It’s not salty, spicy

Very good x)