what are you full of ?

Your brain is full of other people’s eyes


Your brain is full of other people's sights 2

When I drew this picture, I wondered why we are afraid of others’ eyes on us.

We don’t even know who ‘they’ are, but we are continually aware of the way other people are looking at us.

Because of this, most people do what they don’t want to do(for support their families).

For example, when someone gives up a career in fashion industry to become a lawyer, a lot of people mock her.

Some people may not understand one person because he’s gay.  

You‘ve firmly decided not to study at university, because it doesn’t teach what you really want to learn.

You want to do something you’ve always dreamed of, but everyone says you are too old to take a risk in your life.

They assert it’s waste of money and time.

I’ve seen so many talented people gave up their real dream because of what others might think about them.

I emphasize once again.

Do not care what they say. 

Please follow your own heart, otherwise you will regret forever. 

You can do it!


Author: whatuful

A person who believes in the power of 30 seconds, loves drawing pictures and taking photos, wants to be a creative global advertiser in the future.

18 thoughts on “Your brain is full of other people’s eyes

  1. Love it! Both the drawing and the words!

  2. This is the best advise … inyour life.

  3. So true! The lady who works as a janitor in my apartment is always concerned about my job. I teach English and I am also a waistaff at a 5 stars Hotel. They are busy everyday. The other day the janitor asked me where I work. I told her at Hotel. She started doubting if I could be a prostitute just because I arrive at 11pm lol. Instead of explaining to her, I told her “yes, I am what you think I am” lol Now she is not asking me anymore. People think too much until ther shit goes to the brain instead of anal area lol

  4. Great advice. It took me years to be comfortable with me and not care what others saw

  5. How wise you are. And your illustration seems to tell me how silly we are when we let other people’s eyes clamber all over and through our brain.

  6. J’aime beaucoup ce dessin !

  7. Great drawing and thoughts!

  8. This is a great drawing and a great concept. Thank you for sharing it!

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