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Ears with whatuful – 27


Ears with whatuful

Hello, my friends!!!

So busy these days.. I stayed up 4 days in a row! Haha…

June‘s coming soon(I’ll go back to my country!).

Miss my lovers a lot!

They’re waiting for me. I also look forward to seeing them!

I’ll eat mom’s delicious food and spend a lot of time with my ppl in KR!


Studying abroad isn’t always an easy thing. Sometimes it’s tough.

I’ve already seen someone who gave it up.

But I know I will make it. Wanna stay strong.

Don’t get stressed out! 

Thanks for today, Thanks for everything!

Love u guys a lot♡

p.s. I have a lot of things to post!!!

I’ll post them asap 😀




Song for today : Čekaj me Silvija

Singer :  Tomislav Ivčić

from : Croatia

Language : Croatian


 p.s. Have you heard about this?

“There is no word to describe how beautiful Croatia is.”







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 Your generous input will be much appreciated

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Author: whatuful

A person who believes in the power of 30 seconds, loves drawing pictures and taking photos, wants to be a creative global advertiser in the future.

4 thoughts on “Ears with whatuful – 27

  1. I hope you will post on your blog when you get home. I would like to hear your home stories. I have studied abroad too. It can be very tough to be away from family. Keep strong and listening to all that good music you share with us and you will make it.

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