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Ears with whatuful – 28 + ★★★★★


Ears with whatuful

Hellooo friendsss

Today is the last day of May!

How was whatuful‘s April & May?!

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1. At first, I got two blog awards(I’ll also post this soon) and have surpassed 100 subscribers from 56 countries 😀


news whatuful

2. I was a contributing editor of one Korean Design Magazine(from Jan-Apr 2013).

    I wrote 3 articles in a month(wrote-revised-wrote-revised haha..).

Of course, I spent a lot of time on articles.

Sometimes, when there’re midterm, final, group activities and assignments, I got stressed out,

but as time went by, I knew how to enjoy this amazing chance.

But, in the end, I’ve learned a lot of things and I also found out that I do love design, advertisement, communication, creative artworks.

‘4 months’ seems short but long and long but short

When readers  complimented me on my work and gave some feedback ..yeah it was really awesome, I was really happy.

japanese pic

3. Language exchange

Now I’m concentrate on ‘Self-Introduction‘.  I think that’s the most basic & important&useful thing.

first text work

4. Photoshop practice

I will improve my computer skills. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver and etc are the essential  basic skills for

the ppl who wanna be designers/ADs/Advertisers(Especially: print design). I know above one is so simple, give me some time.

You’ll be surprised  haha x) 

parents day

5. Happy Parents’ Day!

Parents’ Day was May 8th(in Korea).


I strongly recommend this!

As always, thank you 🙂 




Song for today : Anna käsi

Singer :  Kirka

 from : Finland

Language : Finnish


 p.s. “Anna käsi” means Give Your Hand  in Finnish






After you visit my blog, please feel free to give any advice or opinion

 Your generous input will be much appreciated

 Here is my e-mail address whatuful@gmail.com


Author: whatuful

A person who believes in the power of 30 seconds, loves drawing pictures and taking photos, wants to be a creative global advertiser in the future.

17 thoughts on “Ears with whatuful – 28 + ★★★★★

  1. Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a very interesting concept, “whatuful.” Have a great June and July!

  2. You have been having a busy and productive time.

  3. Excellent achievement! =), you will catch up with me soon, and I don’t remember my number, and always has to check again.

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