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Ears with whatuful – 33


Ears with whatuful

Hello, friends! 

How was your day?

Was it good or bad?

Time flies so fast and it changes everything except something.

Hope we will be happy together! 

Really 🙂




Song for today : Kezekezng

Singer : Tigist Shibabaw

from : Ethiopia

Language : Amharic













After you visit my blog, please feel free to give any advice or opinion

 Your generous input will be much appreciated



Author: whatuful

A person who believes in the power of 30 seconds, loves drawing pictures and taking photos, wants to be a creative global advertiser in the future.

10 thoughts on “Ears with whatuful – 33

  1. Ah, you chose well; very well. She is great 🙂

  2. Thanks visit my blog. Don’t see anything here to notify of new posts or follow so how subscribe? I do not check notify of new comments box as I would have 2,000 emails a day.

    • Thank u and sorry for the late reply. I don’t know how to subscribe mine..why don’t u click my profile and find subscribe button? 🙂 I guess others do just like that.

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