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Hello everyone!

How was your today/yesterday?

Me? Everyday I have a lot of assignments and team projects.

Sometimes, Chinese and English really drive me crazy(cuz both of them are not my native language),

but I’m so satisfied with my life in Taiwan.

So, everyday sleep about 5hrs, but I’m so happy.

Anyway, today I wanna talk about ‘bullying’

Since when I was 17 years old, I’ve seriously thought about this problem.

Because nowadays, bullying already became one of the biggest problems of our society and

lots of people put a lot of time, money and efforts(law revision) to solve this problem,

but still, it seems hard to find perfect solution.

Actually, it’s really hard for me to understand ‘bullying’.

Why someone bullies someone and someone’s bullied by someone?

Why some people spend their precious time to cheat others?

when they do that, are they really happy?

I don’t really think so.

I think people who bully others really don’t know the seriousness of bullying.

For them(people who bully others), bullying is just one of bad habits.

When they bully someone, they don’t realize what they are doing.

As same as bad habits, that is seriously addictive and they just keep doing it.

As they are not that courageous, when they bully someone, they make small(big) groups.

In their groups, they think themselves strong and even some people are proud of being members.

What about victims? Some of them can even commit suicide.

Do you think can it be accepted in our society?

What? Does anyone still think the weaker should endure?

Why? For what? For whom?


One of my best friends was also suffered by bullying for almost 10 years.

Can you believe this?

Yes, me too. When I first heard of that, I also doubt her words.

But, of course, it was a real and it made me shocked.

Within 4 years, I will graduate from university. I will continually spend my time and put effort on getting rid of bullying.

I will do a lot of things – as long as I can do them

I know now many people in the world’ve already tried to solve this problem.

I think there’re a lot of meanings for this movement.

I already made two videos for encouraging ‘anti-bullying’ and I’ll keep alerting people in the world.


antibullying antibullying 2 antibullying 3


antibullying antibullying 5 antibullying 6 antibullying 7

No one has the right to bully you. 

If you are an attacker, please stop what you are doing.

It’s not too late to change your mind.

Lastly, if you are someone who suffered from bullying, please cheer up.

 Whatever they did, after that moment passed, they would admit their faults.

Some may regret, but still some don’t even know what’s wrong.

But I know you have a lot of potential.

I know how strong and precious you are.

I’m not flattering you.


After several years, people who bullied you?

Then? They are just losers who bullied someone(who would be successful in the future)

You see, life is full of unexpected things.

Cheer up and don’t be afraid of bullies.

Trust me.