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Ears with whatuful – 22

Ears with whatuful

你好(Nihao)!!! (This might be the first time..in Chinese? haha)

I’ll upload a lot of interesting, amazing, attractive photos(food, landscapes and etc-sth new? hehe) soon. Plz wait for them!!!

I just came back from my language exchange

Did u expect Korean to Chinese?

Then you got it wrong haha!!

Actually, now I’m also studying Japanese.

My Japanese?…I can read, write, speak, listen to basic sentences.

I’ll do better next time.

Then..I can speak Korean, English, Chinese n Japanese

I’ll post about languages later(If you have some questions, plz let me know. I’ll reply asap. You know, I’m a good blogger lolol). 

Anw delicious photos are waiting for u guys(a lot!!!).

Plz keep watching!!!

Today’s song is from Turkey!

I heard that Turkey’s ice cream is kinda really authentic. 

Guys, Have you ever eaten Turkish Ice cream?

What does Turkish Ice cream taste like?

I wanna have some!!! 


Song for today : sarhoş

Singer : Nil Karaibrahimgil

From :  Turkey

Language : Turkish

p.s“sarhoş” means Drunken in Turkish




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The first day of blogging


Hello everyone! I’m whatuful 🙂

Now I live in Taiwan but I’m not Taiwanese. (wanna know where I’m from? lol)

The reasons why I decided to start this blog are.. friends’ recommendation, wanna upload and share photos & pictures with the people who have the same interests as me and keep every moment

I’m interested in advertising, photography, painting, writing,  foreign languages, movies and music.

(pretty much, huh?)

Of course I’m still an amateur, the things I made might not be as sophisticated as you thought.

But  I wanna grow up with this blog

Also, I like eating and shoppingso there might be a lot of opportunities to introduce foods and things  in Taiwan & other countries.

I really hope you enjoy my blog!  I’ll keep uploading. 

Until then, take care xD