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AM 9:00

in the morning




Hello 🙂

When I took this picture, on that day, I had a morning class (AM 07:10~9:00).

At that time, I was a bit tired. 

During the break, one of classmates came to me and said,

 “Hey, Why don’t  you see a rainbow?  There’s a big one. Follow me!” 

So I followed her. 

Wow! There’s a big rainbow. I haven’t seen that kind of rainbow before. 

After I took few photos, it already disappeared. It was a really special experience for me to see it.

I also heard that when Napoleon was young, he chased a rainbow.  

I think I’m a lucky person. 

Where is my rainbow? When can I see my own?

I really think everyone has his/her own rainbow.

The time we see it might be different, but the point is, everyone has an opportunity to chase his/her own.

Some people say sometimes rainbow resembles our dreams.