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Ears with whatuful – 14

Ears with whatuful

Hello friends!

Long time no see 🙂

I’m back lol.

Miss you guys a lot! Really.

There are many differences in 2012 and 2013


1. There are 51 followers and 332 likes. (Wow! Really thank you for your support!)

2. People from many countries give me feedback! (As you already know, it’s really helpful for me.)

3. I should continue studying and practicing for my new posts.

What is your new year plan?

How’s your January?

Is it different or the same as you expected?

Hope for our glamorous 2013!


Song for today : Насан туршдаа(Nasan turshdaa)

Singer : Lumino (Hip-Hop band)

From :  Mongolia

Language : Mongolian

p.s. It’s really hard to find this song.




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