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Ears with whatuful – 21

Ears with whatuful

Hello!!!!! :)

 Haven’t seen my bloggers in a while!!!!!( might be? x) )

Many assignments and some tests(+Extra-curricular activities) didn’t let me do blog..TAT

Of course now I’m a busy bee, but I decided to enjoy every moment of my life.

I know this moment will not come back to me again.

How are you my bloggers? 

Are you stressed out at work? Wanna give up sth?

Umm..Firstly, why don’t you have a cup of tea with this music?

Be positive, my friends! xD

p.s. Always thanks for my bloggers’ support

       Now, more than 70 people in 41 countries have subscribed to my blog! 

Thank you so much, again 🙂



Song for today : Sotto Casa

Singer : Max Gazzè

From :  Italy

Language : Italian

p.s“Sotto Casa” means Downstairs in Italian




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